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Cecile Richards’ ‘facts’ about Planned Parenthood backfire on Twitter

Via Live Action News — Over the course of the past few days, Cecile Richards, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, has taken to Twitter to try to legitimize her company’s profit off of abortions and the sale of fetal tissue. Richards’ salary alone — which was $360,902 in 2006 and has risen to $957,952 — would seem to indicate abortion is an immensely profitable industry. That’s a salary increase of 256 percent!

When Planned Parenthood finally released its annual report strategically over the long Memorial Day weekend, (much later in the year than usual) the numbers confirmed that Planned Parenthood is all about meeting a bottom dollar, and that abortions are the organization’s main source of revenue. Abortion is so important to Planned Parenthood that when Cecile Richards was asked if Planned Parenthood would stop performing abortions in order to keep its half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding, she replied, “absolutely not.” So when Richards started an attempted boast of the goodness of Planned Parenthood on Twitter, people weren’t having it. Here is one of Richard’s tweets:

Pretty bold move to talk about what happens every day that Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open. Others thought so, too.

Here’s another.

Another is quick to point out the number of preborn children Planned Parenthood aborts every day.




Fact: Every day Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open, another 8,118 people get health care.

@CecileRichards You’re conveniently forgetting to mention the number of babies killed daily every day PP’s doors stay open.

This next one ought to shake anyone up a little: approximately 900 little lives ended every day at Planned Parenthood.

Fact: Every day Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open, another 8,118 people get health care.

@CecileRichards Fact: Every day Planned Parenthood slaughters 899.5 babies. The horror of what you do far outweighs what little good you

That figures up to about thirty-seven babies killed by Planned Parenthood every hour .

Fact: Every day Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open, another 8,118 people get health care.

@CecileRichards Fact: Planned Parenthood killed approximately 37 babies every hour last fiscal year, according to your annual report.

Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report shows a steady drop in healthcare services offered to women, while simultaneously showing an increase in abortions. A recent video released by Live Action actually demonstrates that Planned Parenthood is so inadequate for women looking for real healthcare that the organization’s workers have instructed pregnant women seeking options other than abortion to instead turn to Google for answers:

Live Action News previously noted that Planned Parenthood’s latest report reveals that “contraception, prenatal care, breast exams, and pregnancy tests have decreased.”


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