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Deadline: Human Lives are at Stake

Today is a day that dramatically influences your rights. A deadline that every American assuredly dreads – you guessed it – today is Tax Day!

Taxes. The very word is enough to send shudders down your spine. If you file your taxes on your own, most likely a mound of paperwork comes to mind. The other alternative is that you of course pay someone else more money to figure out just how much money the government is going to take away from you.

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Taxes used to be much more simple to file, and lately we’ve heard politicians advocate for being able to file them on a postcard. Back in 1912, people actually used to file their taxes on what was almost a postcard. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Besides lamenting the fact that taxes are a penalty to you for being successful, there is something far more atrocious to consider. What your federal tax dollars are funding

In 1912, besides taxes themselves being much more simple to file, another positive about tax day is that the federal government wasn’t using your tax dollars to fund abortions. That’s right. Did you know that Planned Parenthood receives over a third of its income from government grants and contracts – and has been funded by the federal government since 1970? And that money comes from you, the taxpayer. Your federal tax dollars are being used to fund the slaughter of babies, combating directly the work that California Family Council does to promote a culture of life.

California Family Council is vigorously fighting not only the federal tax-payer funding of abortion, but also initiatives like (SB-320), a bill facilitating the destruction of innocent babies and traumatizing of women on California’s college campuses.

California Family Council exists to advance life, family, and religious liberty. This Tax Day as Americans all across the nation file their taxes with a pro-abortion government, join with us by making a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to help defend life!

We need 258 donors to partner with us before midnight tonight to help us send a strong message to Planned Parenthood and the authors of legislation like (SB-320) that enough is enough. For too long, our federal tax dollars have funded abortions.

Help us put an end to this egregious use of your hard earned tax dollars by making a secure, TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation to California Family Council.

Don’t wait! Human lives are at stake. We urgently need your help.



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