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People and Organizations Nationwide Stand with Florist from Washington State who Stands to Lose Everything

As you probably know by now, Barronelle Stutzman, the florist in Washington state who was sued for declining to create custom floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding, has taken a stand. And today, her stand will go one step further as she goes before the Washington State Supreme Court for oral arguments in her case.

Watch the video below for the background of Barronelle’s story:

But thankfully, Barronelle will not be standing alone.

The list of Barronelle’s supporters include officials from 13 different states. According to Alliance Defending Freedom11 state attorneys general and 2 governors – urged the Court to rule in Barronelle’s favor in an amicus brief:

“Our history encourages a public square with many voices, all trying to persuade others of their views. But Respondents want all the voices either to agree on one view or to be silent. Because that runs contrary to America’s history of free speech and religious exemptions—which are embedded in Washington’s Constitution—Amici respectfully urge this Court to rule in Appellants’ [Barronelle’s] favor.”



19 different organizations have come together to stand with Barronelle, including California Family Council.

The California Family Council’s counterpart in Washington state, are also strongly standing with Barronelle:


Alison Howard, Director of Alliance Relations at Alliance Defending Freedom noted:

Creative professionals/artists should not be forced by the government to create CUSTOM work for an event/religious ceremony that violates their convictions/conscience/religious beliefs. All Americans should be free to peacefully live and operate according to their beliefs. That’s why we are a great melting pot. It’s what makes this country so wonderful.




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