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SB 1146: Presentation Waived, Act Now!

This past Tuesday, Senator Ricardo Lara (the author of SB 1146) decided to “waive presentation” of SB 1146 at the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  This means he declined to present testimony and witnesses in favor of it.  The bill moves into the suspense file, and will receive a vote in Appropriations on Thursday, August 11.

This move seems like it was designed to buy Senator Lara more time, and also to squash any opportunity for opposition.  By having the vote on August 11 (the day for voting on the large bulk of bills that have a fiscal impact on the state), there is no opportunity for opposition testimony.

While this is disappointing, it gives us a golden opportunity to influence the process!  Here’s what you can do!

  • Call your Assembly Member!  Here is where you find out your Assembly Member’s name by typing in your address.  Here is a directory of all California State Assembly Members with contact information.  Call their “Capitol Office” phone number, and tell them to vote NO on SB 1146.  This is especially important if you live in a Democrat’s district!
  • Write your Assembly Member!  Go to Stop1146.com and use California Family Alliance’s automated software to instantly send an email and a fax to your Assembly Member.  You don’t even need to know your Assembly Member’s name–just type in your address, and it will automatically determine who represents you.  Again, this is especially important if you live in a Democrat’s district!
  • Join us in Sacramento!  California Family Council will be in Sacramento to lobby against SB 1146 on Monday, August 8 and Thursday, August 11.  Contact us if you want to join our efforts!

The following list of Assembly Members are the key votes we wish to target.  If you live in their district, please call them and urge them to vote no!

  • Joaquin Arambula (D, Fresno)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2031
    • District:
  • Susan Bonilla (D, Concord)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2014
  • Cheryl Brown (D, San Bernardino)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2047
  • Ling Ling Chang (R, Yorba Linda)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2055
  • Ed Chau (D, Monterey Park)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2049
  • Ken Cooley (D, Rancho Cordova)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2008
  • Tom Daly (D, Anaheim, Santa Ana)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2069
  • Eduardo Garcia (D, Palm Desert, Indio)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2056
  • Mike Gatto (D, Glendale/Burbank)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2043
  • Mike Gipson (D, Willowbrook/Compton)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2064
  • Jimmy Gomez (D, East L.A.)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2051
  • Lorena Gonzalez (D, San Diego)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2080
  • Adam Gray (D, Modesto)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2021
  • Roger Hernandez (D, Azusa)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2048
  • Chris Holden (D, Pasadena)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2041
  • Jacqui Irwin (D, Thousand Oaks)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2044
  • Patty Lopez (D, San Fernando)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2039
  • Sebastian Ridley-Thomas (D, Culver City)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2054
  • Freddie Rodriguez (D, Pomona, Ontario)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2052
  • Rudy Salas (D, Kern/Kings County)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2032
  • Miguel Santiago (D, Los Angeles)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2053
  • Shirley Weber (D, La Mesa)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2079
  • Das Williams (D, Ventura)
    • Capitol: 916-319-2037


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