Parents Rally In Support of Homeschooling at the State Capitol

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On Monday, March 19, parents gathered at the California State Capitol to protest AB2756, a bill that is anti-homeschooling in nature. The bill’s first hearing is set for April 25 in the Assembly Education Committee. Parents and home school families gathered by the hundreds to rally in support of parental rights and constitutional freedom at the West Steps at the Capitol.

The original text of the AB 2756 called for home inspections of parents who home school and puts in place procedures for collecting data on home schooling families. The home inspections part of the bill has since been removed, but data collection has not. Some of the speakers at the rally included Assemblyman Travis Allen (2018 candidate for Governor), Senator Joel Anderson, Senator Scott Wilk, Del Bigtree (Former Producer at CBS Paramount Network Television), Stefanie Fetzer, and the libertarian candidate for Senate District 6, Janine DeRose.

Senator Joel Anderson voiced the importance of showing up to make their voice known to legislators, and praised parents for advocating for wanting their kids to succeed.

“Nobody loves and cares about your children more than you do!” Anderson emphatically stated to the parents at the rally. Anderson, himself a former home schooling father also said that every child deserves the best education possible. Senator Anderson also noted that the time parents get to spend with their children is some of the most precious and valuable use of a parent’s time.

Watch Senator Anderson’s speech below:

Del Bigtree, also a home schooling father, and also a home schooled child pointed out that protecting parental rights shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Bigtree asked why the government is choosing to deliberately target home schooling instead of focusing on how to fix the current broken system of public education. Bigtree read off a list of the bills sponsors and asked why they wanted to have a government that controls the people and inspects their homes, and pointed out how this oppression is a huge violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Several parents also spoke to share and voice their opposition to the bill. Dozens of people attending the rally held signs reading “STOP AB2756,” “DATA COLLECTION LEADS TO DISCRIMINATION,”and “NO DATA COLLECTING.”

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  1. I agree that home schooling is to be supported, if not must be supported. My view is not that home schooling is always better than public schools, but the record is that the results are better than the results from public schools. Also, the cost per student is much less than is the case with public schools, so the cost for result is superior with home schooling versus public schools (better cost/benefit ratio). I have been told of and have seen high school students who could not count change. I have even had an experience with a cashier who completely froze when I found I had closer to the exact change for a purchase after the register had rung up the change for the original amount tendered. I am very tired of pupils being passed on from sixth grade without having learned basic English, things like present tense, present progressive tense, simple past, compound past, past perfect, future tense, future perfect, active voice, passive voice, subjunctive, and so on. Public schools are also failing to teach differences among rain, rein, reign, there, there’re, their, they’re, want meaning desire to have, want meaning lack of, lay, laid, has laid (as in lay eggs) , lie, lay, has lain (as in lie in bed). This, I consider very important, parents have first authority over their children, ALL others are subordinate.

  2. A doctor in our church home schooled all his children. The oldest one is now in medical school. All the children are doing well. Some of my relatives have home schooled their kids. As long as the parents are properly educated themselves there is no reason not to home school children. If a parent flunked out of high school, or isn’t reasonably educated themselves and don’t hire tutors or get help from education experts over the internet, it could be a problem. Personally I am opposed to our current system of education. I am promoting that instead of paying schools around $12,000 for each student….the government should give a voucher for $12,000 to the parent for use for the child’s education only…..and that the parent could use the voucher to send their child to any school including private schools or home schooling espenses (can hire a tutor and supplies as needed, etc..) Get rid of the public school system and let those teachers start their own schools or tutoring businesses….or get a job at private schools of all kinds (religious or not religious) so that kids can go to the kind of school/environment that the parent believes is in the kid’s best interest…and possibly choose to do part time home schooling and part time private schooling/tutoring depending on which class the kid needs to take. More options, less dictatorship by the government. We want out kids to grow up with the ability to think for themselves instead of being indoctrinated by the government politician’s agendas We want the right to not send kids to schools where other kids show up with guns and kill people. We want the right not to send out kids to schools that have a “Gay Club Alliance” and tries to force our kids to celebrate Harvey Milk (who had affairs with teenagers when he was 40 years old and at least one of the teenagers committed suicide after being his lover.) We also can tell by doing research on the internet that there is a large number of teachers who have been convicted of having sex with their students and have been sent to prison for it. Home schooling reduces the chance that your child will be exposed to violence, sexual perversion and depravity/immorality indoctrination, or being taken advantage of by a school teacher who is either seeking to have sex with minors or who is abusive or disrespectful of the student’s religious beliefs. Schools are now indoctrinating pre-schoolers with the GLBTQ agenda and are promoting transgenderism to pre-schoolers without parental knowledge or permission. The best way to keep kids safe and look out for the best interests of a child is for the parent to be actively involved and making decisions regarding what environment, people, and subjects their child will be allowed to be exposed too as well as when and how. Parents are the proper people to teach their kids “sex education” not teachers. If the parents are unknowledgable then they can educate themrselves first but only the parents can promote their values and experience regarding sexuality to their children. All others have agendas that are not in the best interests of the child. That includes many doctors.

    • While some of us are blessed to be well educated, those who were failed by the public schools themselves have as much right and perhaps more reason not to allow the same thing to happen to their kids. Vouchers might be great. But, however that parent has to educate his or her kids, give them the freedom to succeed.


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