Governor Brown: Only He Can Stop These Harmful Bills Now

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Liberal legislators have succeeded in getting several bills onto Governor Jerry Brown’s desk that distance California’s culture even further away from biblical values. Despite the success of the California Family Council, and dozens of allied organizations and churches, getting Assemblymember Evan Low to pull AB 2943 from consideration, other horrific bills made it through. 

One bill forces our state universities into the abortion business; another guarantees sex change operations and puberty blocking drugs for gender confused foster kids; while others further push the teaching of LBGT views on gender and sexuality into all our public schools, both traditional and charter.

Below is a summary of the remaining bills the California Family Council and its allies are fighting against in Sacramento. Don’t succumb to the temptation to think our efforts are hopeless. First of all, nothing is ever hopeless. That is exactly the way these liberal legislators want you to feel. If that was the attitude we had towards AB 2943, the bill to ban counseling for those with unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion, that bill would also be on the governor’s desk. But God used us all to do a miracle. 

We have been taught all our lives that all things are possible with God, so lets start believing it. We must resolve to stand, and struggle for the beauty of biblical values in our culture no matter what happens. Then and only then will we begin to see things change. 

Governor Brown has until September 30 to make a decision about these bills, but he can approve them any day. So CALL TODAY!!

Please call Governor Brown’s office today at (916) 445-2841 or email him to OPPOSE the bills listed below:

AB 2119: Gives gender confused foster kids the right to publicly funded puberty blocking drugs/sex change operations

Assemblyman Todd Gloria (D-San Diego) introduced AB 2119, a bill that guarantees gender confused foster kids have access to dangerous puberty blocking drugs, cross sex hormones, sex change operations, and counseling that affirms their gender confusion. The bill labels these treatment as “gender affirming care.” But according to hormone expert Dr. Michael Laidlaw, these unproven treatments will “harm foster children.”

Watch the testimony Dr. Laidlaw gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month explaining the stark reality of what is meant by “gender affirming care.”

SB 320: Mandates California public universities get into the abortion business

Senator Connie Leyva (D-Ontario) has been trying to pass her abortion bill, SB 320, for the past two years. This bill mandates that all health centers within California’s UC and CSU universities provide students with abortion inducing drugs that can be used up to the 10th week of pregnancy, says HMHB. This bill would not only cause harm to vulnerable children and young women, but force taxpayers and student to support these abortions with higher student fees and tuition rates. 

AB 2601: LGBT-promoting sex education will now be forced on state charter schools

Several years go state politicians decided it would no longer give school districts the flexibility to use community values to determine their own sex education curriculum. Instead, legislators dictated their own version of “comprehensive sex-ed” statewide called the California Healthy Youth Act. Passed in 2015, this law applied to all public schools, grades 7th through 12th, with one exception: charter schools. Under AB 2601, charter schools will no longer be exempt from the act.

If passed, charter schools will have to update their sex education curriculum to “affirmatively recognize that people have different sexual orientations and, when discussing or providing examples of relationships and couples, shall be inclusive of same-sex relationships.” The curriculum must also teach “pupils about gender, gender expression, gender identity… .”

The implementation of this new law has already caused parental outrage in several parts of the state, as educators have used the changes in the law to add curriculum parents believe sexualizes their children and encourages them to experiment with various forms of immoral sexual behavior.  See this story from the San Diego Unified School District, and another from the Fremont Unified School District.

AB 2153 Required LGBTQ Training for Public School Teachers

This bill would require all public school teachers, including teachers in charter schools, to go through yearly LGBTQ sensitivity training so they  support and affirm students identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning. The training is also to encourage teachers to refer LGBT identifying students to school site (i.e. peer support or affinity clubs) and community resources (LBGTQ organizations and counselors) that will affirm and encourage students to embrace their LGBTQ identities.

No teacher training will be offered to help students with unwanted same-sex attraction who want to live lives as heterosexuals, nor will there be training to help students with gender confusion to feel comfortable and learn to accept their biological sex.  

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  1. To: Governor Brown – Please oppose AB. 2119; AB 2153, and AB 2601. These bills are harmful to our children. These issues should be left to the the parents not to the state. Our public schools should spend their time and money on the subjects that will help in their future work career, not on affirming their sex identity..

    Please also oppose AB 320. The state should not be involved in the abortion business.. Also this is harmful to the college students and it kills babies in the womb!

  2. Each of these bills is an encroachment into an individual’s freedom of choice and forces taxpayers to financially support something that may be contrary to their moral and religious beliefs.

  3. I am reminded of the scripture that states, “If when we pray, we believe we receive, it shall come to pass..” We need to follow your instructions and contact our legislator, the governor etc., excellent advise but we also need to pray for God’s intervention. How did these people get elected to office? If we had put more attention to the election process and not elect the ungodly to office, we wouldn’t be here. I will call and also pray. , .

  4. Judges 17:6 – When we fight this good fight and tell them what is wrong… they will not listen to reason but do that which is right in their own eyes. They will hinder us but will dam themselves. So it is written…

  5. Please do not allow Bill 2119, SB 320, AB 2601, and AB 21553 to pass. These will force puberty blocking drugs and sex change operations of foster kids, cost much more money to implement, force charter schools to use their sex education curriculum , and provides no help for students who have unwanted same sex attraction.

    Thank you for considering these bills carefully.

  6. Here’s what I wrote to Govenor Brown, opposing ab2601 that forces charter schools.

    Dear Governor,
    I strongly urge you to oppose bill AB2601 because it (1) discriminates against traditional charters of charter schools and (2) involves graphic, inaccurate sexual education that also works against the time tested values in said charters.

    First, many charter schools understand that human natures–for example, sexes plainly described in biology–is not something that can be redefined. It is a vast governmental overreach to force a controvertial, scientifically unsubstantiated claim that there are non-binary sexes. How has such an obvious fact evaded biologists for centuries? Or else, if it’s not about objective biology, then why is it the government’s job to teach everybody to bend to some people’s wishes? That would destroy freedom. But, biological sex is not arbitrary, unlike skin color. Biological sex involves objective differences, which should be taken into account by medical professionals (complications & proclivities due to being a woman or man). It’s untruthful and unloving to teach these don’t exist. Kids need to know this. But even if the unsubstantiated biology claim of non-binary gender is forced on public teachers and students, how can private institutions be forced to violate their charters? How dare the government intervene in private schools–to mandate particular controvertial curriculum for something as sacred as sexual education!

    Secondly, your people are speaking out because graphic sexual images are sexual harassment. 5000+ people petitioned against this curriculum in Fremont school district. San Diegans testified to their district that the sex curriculum says the opposite of the Center for Disease Control, “Try a flavored condom. No condom? Try pulling out–it’s as effective at preventing pregnancies.” Are you taking away the remaining school options for parents seeking to evade sexual harassment, factual inaccuracies, and Orwellian inaccuracies(1+1≠3)? Do not override a parent’s protection of their kids by removing their last school options.

    For decades, transgender and other individuals have been provided for without strong governmental intervention, with personalized school plans. Instead, this bill extends a one-size-fits-all legislative proposition to private schools, which would make it impossible for many families to find a school that does not violate their understanding of biology and the nature of reality (religion)! If you pass this bill you will not only be found to be opposing Biology and traditional religion, you will be reducing liberty and potentially inflaming protective parents, leaving them without options. Our hope is that you will create a culture of liberty and valuing others, which will speak louder than any hate that opposes transgender people. But this cannot be done by forcing charter schools to violate their charter, nor forcing its teachers to violate their conscience, understanding of obvious biology, and their deepest religion. California needs you to end this bill. Please oppose AB2601.


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  8. Mr. Brown it concerns me where our beautiful state is going. I’m an independent Hispanic American and I feel that my values are going further apart from my beliefs. I’m sorry you think that keeping your party in power means that the citizens of once this great state has to abandon its virtues. I feel if this state that I was born and raised in continues this path my family and I will have to find another state to live in. Please reconsider where you are taking this state. Thank you

  9. Dear Governor Brown, as a resistered nurse i can tell YOU hirmones to children is a dangerous. Unhealthy & ludacrus idea! Yes loony as in mentally insane!
    Why is is we require testosterone to be rated “conteolled” 8 “HGH AS HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE?” The public in actual real need are denied that for fears of side effects. So why the Hell would YOU do that to children! Reckless, irresponsible & demonic. You will leave office with Big Corruption MONEY but you will earn the biggest Moron &amp Title

  10. Please oppose these bills. Even Christians ought to be protected under the bill of rights of US constitution! God made us male and female. He also gave us two choices – wrong and right. No one ought to be forced to pay for other people’s kids to abort babies in universities. as parents, we are responsible to help our kids learn how to live right. By Gods grace, both of our sons are God fearing law abiding tax paying citizens of our country.

  11. Governor Brown,
    My taxes are NOT to be used to further your outrageously liberal agenda. There are more needs that appropriately need to be addressed: what about this once glorious state’s infrastructure, for one? These proposed bills are pure idiocy! Just STOP THEM!

  12. Dear Congreman Jerry Brown,
    I’m writing to you that AB2119, AB2153, AB2601, and SB320 is destroying the people minds in the whole America. Please Congressman Jerry Brown DO NOT SIGN these Bills. GOD LOVES YOU and All PEOPLE ON EARTH. Thank you very much.

  13. Lord Your word says that “no human wisdom or understanding or plan can stand against You” (Proverbs 21:30) I come against AB2119, SB 320, AB 2601 and AB 2153. In the name and power of Jesus Christ I ask that You tear down these bills that go against Your Holy Word and our freedoms. Cause them not to become law for they are ungodly and will bring spiritual harm to all people. I pray for Governor Brown and all those in authority in Sacramento. I ask that Your Holy Spirit would fall upon them and that You would give them hearts to know You. Guide their hearts like a river and move them wherever You please. Do not allow our politicians to put ungodly and unconstitutional laws into effect. Your word says “you have not because you ask not”. So we ask these things in the powerful name of Jesus Christ believing that You can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even think! Amen

  14. Please oppose the following bills for the sake of our children and our country, which we’d like to see great again:
    SB320, AB2601, AB2153, AB2119.


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