Defeat of AB 2756: Huge Victory for California Homeschoolers

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In a stunning late-night victory for California homeschoolers and parental rights, AB 2756 was defeated in the Assembly Education Committee late Wednesday, April 25. The decision only came after committee members listened to hundreds of homeschoolers, one by one, give three hours of testimony against the bill. In the end, not one member of the assembly committee voted for the bill. (Watch the hearing here.)

“What we saw tonight was a massive victory for homeschool families, parental rights, and government by consent of the people,” said Jonathan Keller, president of California Family Council. “Thanks to the thousands of homeschool families and supporters who flooded the Capitol, legislators were reminded that this building is still the people’s house.”

Authored by Democrat Assemblymember Jose Medina from the Riverside area, AB 2756 originally demanded all homeschool families in California submit to involuntary home inspections. According to the author, the bill was motivated by an horrific child abuse case in his district involving a homeschool family. “I am extremely concerned about the lack of oversight the State of California currently has in monitoring private and home schools,” said Assemblyman Jose Medina was quoted as saying, despite the fact there are no statistics indicating child abuse rates being higher in homeschooling families.

Yet, after a massive outcry from the homeschooling community, Assemblymember Medina removed the inspection requirement, changing it to merely a bill that would identify the name and address of every homeschooling family in California.

But with no justifiable reason the state needed this information, California’s homeschooling families still viewed AB 2756 with suspicion and as a prelude to the government meddling with their right to educate their children in a manner they determined.

Last Wednesday, hundreds and hundreds of people poured into the capitol hoping to get a seat in the Assembly Education Committee hearing room. Before the hearing even began, homeschool families, with their strollers, signs, and children of all ages lined every hallway of the capitol forth floor, hoping for a chance to voice their opposition to the bill.

At the same time parents and children from every corner of the state gathered in long lines that streamed outside the capitol building entrance as security checked through their belonging. There were so many people on the fourth floor that the air-conditioning system couldn’t handle the stress. As temperature rose, sweat started pouring off foreheads, while others used their signs to fan themselves. But the crowds waited patiently for three hours as each member of the crowd, one by one, went to the microphone to tell committee members to vote no.

Once the testimony was over the Committee Chair, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell, remarked “this is the longest hearing I’ve ever been a part of.”

Under intense questioning from Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley during the Education Committee hearing, Mr. Medina admitted that the bill “didn’t actually do very much,” and he struggle justifying why any member should vote for it.

When it came time to vote, there weren’t enough members of the committee left to cast a vote, so it had to be delayed until later that night. When the voting time came, the chair asked for someone to make a motion to approve AB 2756. The only answer: silence. With no one willing to make a motion, the proposal died.

Tonight’s victory was especially encouraging given the multiple assaults on Life, Family, and Liberty currently making their way through the legislature. AB 2943  would ban certain religious books, conferences, and counseling, and AB 2119 would force foster parents to become complicit in the transgender revolution. But the groundswell of opposition shows that California’s conservatives will not go quietly.

“What we saw today shows that when people of faith stand up and make their voices heard and refused to back down, even Sacramento has to listen,” said Keller. “Now is the time for all people of faith to continue to press forward to defeat other bills like AB 2943.”

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  1. I agree with the parents in California that choose to homeschool their children.. I live in Texas and appreciate the choice I have to homeschool without government interference! My twelve year old granddaughter (which I have custody of) has Autism. She was bullied at school…called ugly names including the “B” word! There is supposed to be zero tolerance for bullying in schools, but if the teacher doesn’t witness it, they say it can’t be proven that bullying actually happened! What would the government suggest to protect children that are bullied in school?

  2. I’ve home schooled on and off and worked at a school. In an article sympathetic to home schooling, you don’t help by saying, “a prelude to the government meddling with their right to educate their children in a manor they determine”. Please proofread . . .it should be manner not manor.

  3. Now I realize why they likely went after the family with all the children in California. It was quite possibly an agenda thing. God help us all. I am so very thankful that this bill was put to rest.

    • What exactly are you talking about? “Went after the family”? You mean the family that was starving kids to the point that 26 yr old was the size of a teen? What agenda would that be exactly except saving those poor kids?

      • I understand Cristal’s comment to mean: The Government saw an isolated ABUSE case as a means to attack homeschooling. The agenda being, to ignore further child protection laws against abuse, and taking this tragedy as an opportunity to infringe on the rights of all homeschooling families.

  4. Thank you for reporting on this important issue and on the successful effort to defeat AB 2756.

    (Please correct the typo in the third paragraph from the end. “…a motion to approve AB 2943” should read “a motion to approve AB 2756.”)

    • Ever James – How does publishing the names, ages, home addresses, phone numbers and grade levels of every homeschool child in the state insure their health or safety?

      Surely you realize AB 2756 would have endangered our children. We will not let the government give predators our children’s names and addresses.

      If the CA Assembly members really want to protect California children they should pass a bill to protect the public school children. The rate of abuse in homeschool families is far less than that of the general public and the abuse within the public school system is absolutely terrifying. A study by the U.S. Department of Education estimates that between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000 public school children will be abused before graduation. Where is the public outrage?

      Homeschoolers also outperform their public and private school counterparts by an average 2 to 3 grade levels by middle school, have a higher rate of college attendance, higher college grade point averages, higher college graduation rates, higher self esteem and much higher scores on university socialization assessments.

      Only 30% of California public school children can score at even a proficient level on standardized testing and that percentage has not improved in the past decade. As a former California public school teacher and current Homeschool Educator, I believe the Assembly should spend some time addressing the real issues in California education. Homeschoolers are already excelling without any help from the government.

      Regarding the evil Turpins – those around the family suspected that there were serious issues, but the governmental agencies dropped the ball. AB 2756 would have done nothing to change that.

      And, just to be clear, defeating AB 2756 was not about our right to homeschool. It was about our right to keep our children safe from pedophiles. We defeated an outrageous bill that would have published our children’s names, home addresses, ages, grades, phone numbers and email addresses. Unacceptable.

      Homeschooling is about Educational Diversity. We teach to each child’s individual learning styles, multiple intelligences, strengths, needs and interests. That is why we are so successful. We value the diversity of our children and we value the diversity within the homeschooling community.

      The 1,300 homeschoolers who came from all across the state to testify on April 25th stood side by side in unity, regardless of race, creed or political affiliation. We unified to protect our children.

      California Homeschoolers are Unified in Diversity and we will show up in Sacramento as many times as we need to in order to protect our children and continue to provide them an exemplary education that is free of the government regulation and oversight that has crippled our public schools. Our numbers next time will dwarf last Wednesday’s attendance.

      Assembly Members Eggman and Medina have awakened a sleeping giant and filled us with a terrible resolve.

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  7. The Liberals continue to try and invade the homes of traditional families under the false pretenses. This time claiming that they want to protect children from Child Abuse! But where not falling for their lies. The only group of people abusing our children is the school districts and liberal teachers. Like the teacher that insulted the men and women in the military by calling us stupid, the uneducated of society, Theses liberal teachers and faculty are not teaching our children , what they are trying to do is indoctrinate our children with liberalism poison, with nothing based on truth. They bully their students by berating them in front of their peers and mocking their personal beliefs and value system.. The liberal education system is the reason why American children are falling behind in science mathematics and technology throughout the world. We wonder why School shooting are the rise? It’s not gun control issues! It’s the liberal agenda in schools that encourages hateful behavior and disrespect towards those that don’t share the same beliefs. So we Home school our children to teach them respect for Police and the Armed Forces, and All Laws, not just the ones we like. Home schooled children are doing better in Math and Science than children in public schools.

  8. It wasn’t just conservatives fighting this bad bill, there were a lot of us liberal, secular homeschoolers fighting for parents rights as well!

  9. This is a irony isn’t it. i am proposing why not the liberals make a separate state for themselves or a country even? they can work with fellow liberals in Failing Canada, islamic republic of united kingdom, islamic republic of Germany, Muslim France and Lebanese Australia.. That should resolve all the problems. let us see how they survive. maybe they will survive less that Communist Russia..
    These Liberals can learn from Communists of Jawaharlal Nehru University in india, which is harbinger of all evils ala communists, terrorists, socialists, believers, pro-lifers etc.

    Extra Note — China is not communist, it is a one party capitalist state.

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  11. I understand Cristal’s comment to mean: The Government saw an isolated ABUSE case as a means to attack homeschooling. The agenda being, to ignore existing child protection laws against abuse, and taking this tragedy as an opportunity to infringe on the rights of all American families.


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