Christians Celebrate Freedom from LGBT Identities in LA March

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California Family Council staff members were privileged to join and support former members of the LGBTQ community in downtown Los Angeles several weeks go. A group of them formed an organization called “Freedom March”  to help spread a message California’s main stream culture would rather ignore.

Surrounded by towering skyscrapers, dozens of former lesbians, transexuals, and homosexuals spent several hours enthusiastically sharing their stories of transformation, from anguish to joy, after encountering a God that loved them despite their desperate state. Once the testimonies and singing were done, over 100 former LGBT individuals and their supporters marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles holding banners and singing songs of praise to God.

Despite the controversial message, onlookers listened and watched with curiosity. Police cars accompanied the marchers block after block, but their presence wasn’t really necessary. The event had only one protestor, who walked off after a few minutes of yelling.  

California Family Council President Jonathan Keller was on hand to interview some of those involved. “We are celebrating the freedom Jesus Christ can bring from anything, any sin. It doesn’t matter what it is,” explained Freedom March leader Jeffrey McCall, a former transexual. McCall recalled receiving psychological counseling that pushed him toward a sex change operation, but it didn’t help.

“The further I was trying to change myself into becoming a woman, the further I went into this darkness and depression, because I was trying to become something I wasn’t,” McCall said. “I had an radical encounter with God… . He has restored by life; given me faith and hope. … My whole life is completely different.” Listen to McCall’s entire interview below: 

Keller also interviewed Freedom March co-founder Edward Byrd. See his interview below: 

For those who want to listen to all the stories of transformation, watch and listen to the entire event below. 

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  1. This is historic and proper in a true democracy. If there had been more notice with the LGBT community, the protests would have been ugly and possibly violent. The demonstrators were able to get their cause publicly visible, those giving testimonies were given the opportunity to be heard, and most of all, the Name and power of Jesus Christ were glorified. Praise God!

  2. Perhaps this group will continue to grow and have a positive effect on the national conversation concerning this lifestyle. Such a thing certainly is needed. I wonder if Susan is accurate (above) about there being a large counter demonstration coming from aggressive LGBT members should they have received enough prior warning. But should this group grow, then I expect we will indeed see future trouble from the opposition, whether she is right this time or not..

  3. We all sin I pray God will help us all to become more like JESUS and put off the weight of sin that robs us of the life GOD wants for all humanity!

  4. As a recovering homosexual, I am extremely grateful for this group – we have FREEDOM in Jesus Christ! “Who the Son sets free is FREE INDEED” John 8:36. May God always bless your efforts, and may His name be made known throughout the earth.

    • Wow, you’re incredible Jay!! I’m proud of you for fighting for freedom. I know it’s not easy. Know your choices are going to bring freedom to you, your family, friends, and people who hear your story!!!

  5. I admire your courage, perseverance and commitment to a heterosexual lifestyle. No matter what happens next, stay strong because in those dark times when you choose to live by Gods laws you prove to Him in your personal darkness that you are His. Overcoming adversity is a lifelong pursuit. I love your tenacity. I will continue to pray for you and this movement.

  6. This is incredible!!! I love what God is doing in our state. These voices are being heard that were kept quiet for so long. These men and women are such a great testimony of the LOVE of Jesus that transforms…not religious rules, but His love!

  7. I heard about this glorious even and was there in spirit!
    My heart is bursting with joy at the testimonies and news of this new movement in the name of Jesus Christ.. Having been involved in the Pro-Family/Pro-Life movement this is such an answer to prayer and a beautiful testimony to the Love of God. Jesus can transform anyone’s life! God Bless You and know that you are in my prayers.


  8. I watched this crying and praising God. He is still bringing me out of the lies of the enemy. I carried a thorn of rejection for years (my dad left at an early age) and I tried to find love in all the wrong places. I hit rock bottom and that was when my mom and some other Godly Christians showed me the relentless love of Jesus Christ. He changed me from the inside out and is still peeling off layers of lies, shame, and guilt. I tried to be super Christian but realized I could only live the Christian life through Christ. I had to be stripped of pride and see it was all about Him. Praise. Please pray for me because I struggle with my identity in Christ, that I am who He says I am. A daughter of the King.


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