UCSF Medical Center Sued for Refusing to Perform Assisted Suicide on Patient

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As is always the case with the leftist radicals, they are never content with floating comfortably close to the islands of reason. No, for the bastion of conservatism is there.  So, upon achieving a “victory” in the name of progress, social justice, or equality, they always quickly move on to the seemingly never-ending next leap deeper into the sea of liberal insanity.

In that sea, of course, are many dangerous sharks.

The most recent plunge deeper by the left comes to you out of San Francisco where children are suing a hospital on behalf of their now deceased parent, for not killing aforementioned parent while they were still living, battling cancer.

Currently, no hospital or doctor can be forced to perform an assisted suicide. This lawsuit outrageously seems to advocate that somehow not assisting in the death of another should be a crime and is a form of abuse.

How twisted is that?

The attorney the family is using is the same attorney (Kathryn Tucker) who has filed numerous other pro-assisted suicide cases around the country. The suit claims according to the biased San Francisco Chronicle, that Judy Dale died an agonizing death when she could have been given “pain-relieving medication” under California’s brand new aid in dying law.

This is a clear misrepresentation of the truth. Lethal prescriptions administered with the intent to kill are not pain-relieving. Pain relieving medication is different. The children of Dale are also claiming that the hospital assured Dale that assisted suicide was certainly an option for her, but then failed to follow through on their promise. The underlying argument behind this claim is that by not agreeing to comply with an assisted suicide request, you are abusing a patient. The reality is that physician assisted suicide is a recipe for elder abuse.

This is a scary claim, and while this case is almost certain to be dismissed like the majority of Kathryn Tucker’s other unsuccessful suits, it illustrates just how far the left wants to go.

They don’t want assisted suicide to just be legal, that want you to be able to be punished for patient abuse for failure to comply with a suicide request. Your only other option might be to give up your medical career and profession. Those in the medical field are supposed to be engaged in the business of saving lives, not taking them.

Death is not the answer.

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  2. Meanwhile all is not well in OR, WA, CO and
    CA where reports on assisted suicide are incomplete: How many self-administered as promised?
    A broken promise is missing in the CA report on assisted suicides?
    So after a year in CA how many self administered the poison as was promised when the concept was marketed? By omitting an ordinary witness all the flaunted safeguards are eviscerated and our choices are ignored and not honored allowing exploitation of us all.
    State Documents in Oregon indicate that 20% of their assisted suicide deaths could have been bullied by the corporate facilitators forcing the poison. I take exception to the push polls yes 60%, even the religious, favor the concept then 95% change to not-in-favor after they learn how easily the laws can be wrongly administered saying “I’m not for that”. Risking us all,all ages, to be exploited by predatory corporations and predatory new best friends or heirs.
    Read the language of the laws to decern the double speak, omissions and commissions to reveal the normalized, the exploited, the expended, the euthanized.
    Bradley Williams
    President MTaas org

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