CFA Ignites Firestorm in Sacramento

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Last week, we warned you that Republicans in Sacramento (led by Assemblyman Chad Mayes) were embracing several organizations hostile to traditional marriage, religious liberty, and Christian values. (In case you missed our original email, you can view it here.) This Tuesday, The Sacramento Bee interviewed our CEO Jonathan Keller and explored the growing controversy (read the whole article).

Our Action Alert also caught the attention of the “Log Cabin Republicans,” an LGBT group that works to marginalize pro-family conservatives. Several days ago, they sent the following alert to their supporters, calling you and the “misguided pastors” who oppose their agenda “outcasts.” 


TODAY, please call every Republican Assembly member listed below and ask them:

  • Do you support the California Republican Party platform, especially the traditional marriage plank on page 5 titled “Family”?
  • Have you asked Assemblyman Mayes remove the tweet that honors & promotes the work of Equality California & the Log Cabin Republicans?


Asm. Dante Acosta916-319-2038
Asm. Travis Allen916-319-2072
Asm. Catharine Baker916-319-2016
Asm. Frank Bigelow916-319-2005
Asm. William Brough916- 319-2073
Asm. Rocky Chávez916-319-2076
Asm. Phillip Chen916-319-2055
Asm. Steven Choi916-319-2068
Asm. Jordan Cunningham:916-319-2035
Asm. Brian Dahle916-319-2001
Asm. Heath Flora916- 319-2012
Asm. Vince Fong916-319-2034
Asm. James Gallagher916-319-2003
Asm. Matthew Harper916-319-2074
Asm. Kevin Kiley916-319-2006
Asm. Tom Lackey916-319-2036
Asm. Brian Maienschein916-319-2077
Asm. Devon Mathis916-319-2026
Asm. Melissa Melendez916-319-2067
Asm. Jay Obernolte916-319-2033
Asm. Jim Patterson916-319-2023
Asm. Marc Steinorth916-319-2040
Asm. Randy Voepel916-319-2071
Asm. Marie Waldron916-319-2075

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