About Us

California Family Council is dedicated to providing common-sense solutions to real-life issues. We are committed to excellent communications filtered through the Christian worldview and objectively-confirmed research. Our mission is to protect and promote time-tested principles for the common good of California’s families.
CFC is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.


Honoring Human Life

Life is sacred, stemming from our Creator. California Family Council serves to protect innocent human beings whose lives may be threatened by public policies and laws. Such threats include abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and the use of human embryos in research. CFC stands aligned with pro-life coalitions on behalf of the preborn, frail, and elderly.

Nurturing Family Bonds

Marriage between a man and a woman is God’s design. Man-woman marriage is the foundation of a stable society, providing the best opportunity for children to thrive. It is the responsibility of parents to nurture their children and equip them with a worldview, and CFC serves to expose legislation and cultural forces that attempt to replace parental authority.

Upholding Liberty

True liberty is freedom from oppression or bondage. Religious liberty ensures that preeminent moral truths will be welcome in the public square. Religious liberty provides for the continued exercise of private and public worship, and influences the protection of the principles of self-government.


What We Do

Inform and Educate Californians on public policy issues. CFC’s perspectives are founded upon a worldview derived from biblical truth, confirmed by objective social science research.

Provide Media Interviews and Commentary on cultural and legislative issues, for radio and television news shows, newspapers, and online social media. CFC also produces legislative alerts and cultural updates, distributing them through multiple media channels.

Analyze Legislation pertaining to the protection of life, strengthening family bonds, and upholding religious liberty in California. CFC informs and educates, and our sister organization, California Family Alliance, carries out the work of motivating people to action.

Build Coalitions with societal leaders to promote public policies for the common good. Forming relationships with community and religious leaders is essential in order for them to trust in CFC’s resources and strategies for action.

Coordinate Strategic Plans through deliberate collaboration, creating a united team for successful campaigns, from multiple local, state, and national groups.

Contact Us

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  • Tel: 866-866-7993
  • E-mail: info@californiafamily.org