Gender Change & Anti-Religious Liberty Bills Nearing Final Approval

As the California state legislature approaches it’s summer break, several bills that change the very definition of gender and outlaw religious organizations from living according to their faith are nearing approval. Then there is another bill that was just amended to infringe on parental rights. Each of these bills have already made it through one legislative house, and now are going through the hearing process in the other house. Each of the bills is listed below along with information about their committee hearings scheduled for next week. Make sure you call the legislators on these committees and tell them to oppose these bills. Details are below.

Gender Change Bills:

  • SB 179: Change Your Gender Bill This bill completely changes the meaning of the words “male” and “female,” from a physical description of reality, to a description of feelings and self identification. And it also officially creates a third gender, “non-binary” for those who don’t want to identity exclusively as either sex. Specifically, SB 179 simplifies the ability of people to change the gender listed on their driver’s licenses or birth certificates to one of three options, by simply filling out a form; no questions asked; no proof required. Parents of children will also be able to change the sex of their children listed on their birth certificate no matter how young, if parents think their child’s body doesn’t match their “true” gender.  For more information…
    • Hearing info: SB 179 to be heard in the Assembly Transportation Committee next Monday, July 10th, at 2:30 p.m. Members of the Assembly Transportation Committee and their contact info can be found here.
  • SB 310: Gender changes for inmates This bill will simplify the process for inmates to change their names and gender while in the custody of state or county prisons. Currently, a gender change while in jail must be approved by correctional facility officials before official documents can be changed. If this bill passes, the decision will no longer be up to correction officials, but made by a judge instead. We believe this will lead to men, who claim to be women, being housed with women inmates. You don’t need much of a imagination to know what big issues this would cause.
    • Hearing info: SB 310 will be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee next Tuesday, July 11th, at 9:00 a.m. The members of the Public Safety Committee can be found here.

Anti-Religious Liberty Bills:

  • SB 219: LGBT Rights Long-term care facilities This bill will inflict civil penalties on any skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility, or residential care facility and their staff if those patients identifying as transgender aren’t referred to by their preferred gender pronoun. (The gender pronoun list could contain as many as 50 options) The bill also mandates that gender be determined by self identification, not biology. As a result, anyone claiming to be a woman or a man would have to be treated like their preferred sex in regards to rooming situations and bathroom usage. Any sex between residents, or between residents or visitors can not be prohibited. There are no exemptions for religious institutions. Not only does this bill violate the religious liberty rights of faith based senior facilities, but it violates free speech rights by compelling people to use speech they might disagree with.  For more information…
    • Hearing info: SB 219 will be heard in Assembly Judiciary Committee next  Tuesday, July 11th, at 9:00 a.m. The member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and their contact info can be found here.
  • AB 569: Prohibits Pro-Life Codes of Conduct  This bill is specifically outlaws employer codes of conduct for employees that prohibit abortion or contraception. This includes all churches, religiously affiliated schools, and pro-life non-profits. There is a very narrow exemption for ministers. The author also intends to use the law to outlaw codes of conduct prohibiting sex outside of marriage. This bill is directly targeting religious groups who want to operate their organizations according to Biblical principals.   For more information…
    • Hearing info: AB 569 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee next Tuesday, July 11th, at 1:30 p.m. The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and their contact information can be found here.

Parental Rights

  • AB 677 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Disparities Reduction Act: We haven’t told you about this bill before, but a really bad amendment was just added. Currently, primary and secondary schools that have students fill out the California Healthy Kids Survey, must get parental approval if the questions about a student’s sexual orientation are included.  Some schools remove the sexual orientation question so they can give kids the survey without parental approval. This bill would prohibit schools from taking out the sexual orientation question if they are going to make their students take the California Healthy Kids Survey. Public school administrator have no business asking children to reveal their sexual feelings. This bill puts more pressure on schools to ask these very personal questions.
    • Hearing info: AB 677 will be heard in the Senate Governmental Organizational Committee next Tuesday, July 11th, 9:30 a.m. The member of the Senate Governmental Organizational Committee hearing and their contact information can be found here.

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  1. The Gov and his outlaws are tearing this once great stat to ruin. How is it that people will set back and let them do this can not believe what is going on. The whole bunch in Sacramento need to be in jail.

    • “How is it that people will set back and let them do this”……We who follow Jesus Christ with our whole heart do not “set back and let them do this” – these legislators were put into office by Californians whose views match theirs. The voices of Christians and other Conservatives are ignored. I have written to these senators and representatives only to get some lame reason why they are going to vote in complete opposition to common sense. It is frustrating beyond belief!

  2. Ca is screwing itself into the ground…they act like they are country unto themselves and cannot stop going further left, this state gov is a pathetic example of democracy and more like some petty 3rd world dictate……More of us are finding ways to tell Ca to go pound salt everyday…..

  3. Virginia Hedberg

    How do these people continue to get elected? WE must do more to change the people running this state!

    • At a basic level, call your own state legislator and let them know what you think about these bills. Then do your best to get everyone you know to do the same. Educate those in your sphere of influence regarding these issue and be public with your views. Encourage other leaders and opinion leaders in your community to do the same. If everyone did this, legislators would respond. And if they don’t, work at getting them removed. Pray and ask God to spread your influence, and ask him for strategies to change the minds of those in your community. Half the problem is that people are silent, uninformed and involved.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that our feelings change radically from time to time..Has anyone with greying hair ever said “I feel like a kid again” and enjoy it and mean it for a while. We must not rely on feelings, emotions and associations making us comfortable or at other times uncomfortable for life long identity ! Our responsibilities as as mature citizens need to be re examined so as not to follow as well publicised attention getting yet serious fad

  5. Everyone of these bills go against Genesis in the bible. Its amazing how the LBGT insane ideologies actually are taken seriously. Sadly when Jesus the Son of God is rejected in our society then evil is all that remains. That is why anything pagan can be readily accepted in all its forms .
    The bible warns in last days good would be seen as wrong and wrong be seen as good. ..

  6. Get on our knees and pray. God is the only one who can take the blinders off of their eyes. This is so very sad.


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